I'm Helen. I'm a California girl, raised in LA and living in San Francisco. I once was lost but now I'm ... still pretty lost. But let's walk together, ok? I have a feeling that the journey is the destination.

Here are some things about me:

I'm pretty silly, and it's only getting worse better with age.
I am a person, entirely equal to every other person. We are each other's keepers and we belong to each other.

I am a woman, and it seems like everyone's got an opinion on what that means!

I am a lover of many things, ranging from hobbies to professional ambitions. It's led me to have a great deal of wonderful experiences. Among many things, I've been an opera singer and an award-winning actor; I've taught science to kids K-5th grade; and I've SCUBA dived in 3 different oceans (so far).

I am a list-oriented control freak. Boy oh boy, do I love being in control. A piece of me would prefer to just live a tiny, controllable life, rather than take risks and bet big.

I am a wife. My husband and I were married on August 9, 2008 and since then we've walked two individual paths that have mostly (but not always) been parallel to one another. (Here's something I wrote to him on our 5th anniversary.) I don't know what possessed us to get married so young, but I'm so glad we did. Sometimes the choices we don't think through shape our lives in the best way -- which leads me to my final thought in this particular list ...

I feel that I am being guided by something larger than just my own consciousness. Something (or someone?) else is holding the reins. Very little of my life is the story I would have written for myself. It's worse, it's better -- it's fuller. And I want more.