Monday, July 7, 2014

How to hang art in your apartment without making holes in your walls

I've lived in only a handful of locations my whole life -- and, with the exception of my parents' house, they've all been rentals. I love the idea of having art up on my walls, but don't want to deal with the annoyance of spackling and repainting when it comes time to move out.

I tried a bunch of ways to get around the issue. I tried wall putty. Remember wall putty -- that stuff you used in high school (and, come on, college too) to stick posters and photos directly to your walls? That was fine in high school, but I'm old now. Wall putty went out with cheap vodka and staying up past midnight.

When we moved into our new apartment a year ago, complete with 11-foot-high ceilings (!), I bit my knuckle and resigned myself to an art-less apartment.

Until I learned about 3M.

Holy moly, you guys. I have been using 3M adhesive hangers all over our apartment:

(L) Our mantle. (R) Down our hallway. Everything in the lit hallway + the 2 items in the foreground on the right are all hung with 3M adhesive hangers.

Specifically, I've been using the 3M Velcro Strips for the lightest stuff, 3M Sawtooth Hangers for the medium-sized stuff, and 3M Wireback Hangers for the largest stuff. (Full disclosure: I'm linking to Amazon using affiliate links. If you buy after clicking on one of those, I'll get a little kickback.) For a few of the heaviest frames (like the white and gold map of the world -- which is scratch-off, btw), I doubled up and used 2 hangers for a single frame. 

I've hung almost 2 dozen items without a single mishap. I've also had no problems removing the adhesive to readjust or completely re-envision my walls as needed.

The hanging project worked so well that I've branched beyond frames; for example, check out our bedroom:

(L) This quilt was hung using 3M stick-ems. I also put some little hangers on the side of my dresser for my larger necklaces. (R) Closeup on dresser.

How have you gotten around the limitations of renting in order to decorate your home; specifically, your walls? Have you used 3M or some other adhesive product?


Kim's Kitchen Sink said...

I LOVE 3M Command strips. I've used the velcro picture hangers a few times, though for some reason I do often use hammer and nail (my landlord doesn't really care about holes). Silly me. I have Command HOOKS all over the place though; I especially love their giant hooks for bigger, heavier things. Funny story - the plaster on our walls is so old that in some places, it peels right off the wall when I hang stuff up, even if the thing being hung totally meets the weight limit of the hook. Pretty irritating. I like using different hooks for different purposes (for example, they make one where the hook kind of sticks out flat; it's a skinny metal thing, kind of at a 90 degree angle -- it's great for hanging hats!) and finding new ways to mess around with their products. I hope they're at BlogHer this year!

My #YoCP July project is framing and hanging art, so maybe I'll get my 3M on big time this month :)

Third Melody said...

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Third Melody said...

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Shereen said...

ok thats nice