Friday, July 11, 2014

Happy 100th post to me, and happy 1st BlogHer!

I'm going to my first BlogHer conference in a few weeks (hurrah!). I've been writing a blog of one sort or another since 2001, but this'll be the first time I actually go to a conference about blogging.

It's perhaps fitting, then, that this is my 100th post on this blog, which I've been writing since 2005! (Slow and steady wins the race, I suppose ...)

I'd like to thank all the little blogs that got me here, including:
  • My high school blog Malibu Helen, which had a splash page and a guest book, and ran on Moveable Type until 2004 (I used to host sub-domains -- does anyone remember that trend?); 
  • My pre-Live Journal online diary, which lived at OpenDiary; and 
  • My numerous Geocities pages, all of which are lost to the sands of time (if there is a merciful God).
I used to have a webcam, which I'd use to post 'casual' photo
updates to my blog. I was into selfies before they were cool!
(Also note the enormous pile of dirty laundry behind me.)
Prepping for BlogHer means browsing through other bloggers' excited recounts of prior years and tips for best enjoying this year's event. Sounds like lots of freebies and a happy, buzz-y vibe -- I'm most excited about meeting people in person and riding that energetic wave!

 I also heard from many that business cards are a good idea, so I made some great ones care of (Check them out below and if you are moved to get some yourself, you can get 10% off through this link.)

Finally, I've been inspired by many to think about the 'elevator speech' for this blog. I'd like to have something snappy in response to the question, "what is your blog about?" Here's what I've come up with -- I write about:

  • My lessons, experiences and adventures while embodied in this earth suit
  • How to just get over myself and meditate already
  • Growing out of extreme skepticism into sheepish hippiedom
  • Learning every day how little I actually know
  • The ways that That Thing Some Call God has knocked on my door
  • Finding the spirit with humor and as little farting around as necessary
  • (c/o Jen Sincero) "How to quit being a weenie and really go for it"

If one of those things speaks to you, I'd love to hear more about why!


Kim's Kitchen Sink said...

I think these are all great - it's good to have a few in rotation so that you can change it up depending on who you're talking to :) Also, I never remember my elevator pitches. So. There's that.

Mukesh Sharma said...

Keep posting Solid Stuff

World Of Pictures said...

I think these are all great too

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