Monday, September 9, 2013

The Secret Language of Gruners: The Slang My Sister and I Use

I wish they all could be California girls! Matching outfits for the win.
My sister and I are one another's only siblings. We're separated by a year and a half, but we've always been close. As young children, I was obviously the older, taller, and all-around better (ha), but over time we've evened out. Sometimes people think we're twins!


We even have our own language (sort of).

My husband has been privy to this for a few years now, but since my sister's now engaged and we're about to introduce another Husband of Gruner into the family (hi Greg!), I figured I'd write a short guide to speaking our language.

The phrase: the nickname "B"
Use it in a sentence: "Hey B" or "Yo B" ... sometimes "Don't be a B"
What it means: Originally it meant B as in the b-word, but now it's just another nickname (like how my husband sometimes calls me H)

The phrase: Lates McGates
What it means: Later dude. (This one is used outside our twosome, but it gets special mention because I would never say this to anyone but Lizzy.)

The phrase: Back crack-a-lack
Use it in a sentence: “I need a back crack-a-lack,” or more obscure “you gotta crack-a-lack my back-a-lack.”
What it means: I need you to crack my back! (Yeah. We do fake-o adjustments on each other and it’s probably terrible for us. But we’ve been doing it for like 5 years now.)

And here's the one that'll make you sound just like a native...

The phrase: “Show me your Big Kahuna!”
What it means: Show me your longest fingernail. I don’t know how this game started, but sometime in middle school we started doing this. And then the person with the longest overall fingernail got simultaneously praised and shunned (‘cause it usually looked grody!)

Do you have anyone in your life (a sister, a cousin, a friend) with whom you share weird in-slang? What do you say to one another?


Sami C said...

I can relate! I have one sister, and she is only 14 months younger. She and I have our own language, and we even do weird noises that baffle our stepdad. He calls us the "dolphin girls". There is just no way to describe it.

Helen said...

Haha! I love that my sister and I are not alone. The dolphin sounds, I love it.