Sunday, September 1, 2013

30 Day Challenge: 30 days of lists!

My Sunday morning set up: coffee, laptop, notebook & pen.
Outside the frame: my husband at his desk & my lab at my feet. 100% domestic perfection.
As a self-described list-writing control freak, the moment I saw the "30 Days of Lists" challenge put on by Kam and Amy, I knew it was for me. I signed up, like, August 5 and got mentally excited. Check out the first list prompt (and my first list) below!

Today's prompt was: What is new so far this year?

My notebook, simple & purse-sized
My handwriting switches between print & cursive
The list reads:
  • We finally moved to SF! 
    • This has been on our minds for almost 7 years. Finally, all the stars aligned and it made sense to move.
  • I visited Yellowstone 
    • My extended family does these great trips together about every other year. This year we went as a great big tribe to Yellowstone! It's like Mars there.
  • I got a full-time job for the 1st time since 2011 
    • I need to keep remembering how awesome this is, how proud I should be of this. On New Year's Day of 2013, I was working at Starbucks. Now I'm working at a start-up.
  • We sold all our cars + Matt rides me around on his motorcycle 
    • If you'd told high school me I'd be carless someday, I might have cried. LA kids learn to treat their cars as part locker room, part studio apartment -- the only place they can truly be alone. But honestly, life without cars here is 98% amazing (the 2% is how hard it is to get someplace far away with our doggie). The motorcycle is a long-held dream of Matt's, and I have learned to love it as well. Sure surprised me!
  • I got called back at the EMC company nearby -- and I've been offered multiple roles w/o auditioning 
    • I am/have been an actor in the Bay Area, but my drive to audition has been waning. But just as I stop pushing so hard to get cast, people start turning around and showing interest! I also have a life-long dream of peeing in the Times Square Equity building, which you can only do once you're a member. So, I press on.
  • My sister is engaged!!! 
    • My one and only sibling, my little sister, got engaged in late June, and is planning a September/October 2014 wedding. I'm already working on my roast speech.


Kelly S said...

I love this! Totally wish I had read this three days ago so I could've joined! I love love love lists. Sometimes I even write things I've already done on my "To Do" Lists just so I can have the pleasure of crossing them off. Dorky, I know :)

Helen said...

Ha, yes! I do that too. So satisfying. :)