Saturday, August 17, 2013

Participate in my Snail Mail Giveaway!

Hey! Hey you! Yes, you, the person reading this RIGHT NOW.

Do you like getting stuff in the mail?

Of course I do, Helen! Pshaw! Who doesn't like getting stuff in the mail? Snail mail in 2013 is better than chocolate!

I'm having a lot of fun e-meeting people and learning about new blogs to read. But I sort of want to take it to the next level (woo woo!, as my grandma would say).

So, check it. If you're reading this now, leave me a comment with the following:
  1. Your name & email address (so I can contact you for your snail mail address!)
  2. A link to your blog, if you have one
  3. The best part of your last week (There is no wrong answer here. I just like hearing about people's good experiences.)
There is no catch. Sure, it'd be cool if you followed my blog, or write a blog post about what you receive, but hey. It's fun for me either way.

So get crackin'! Leave me some comments and let's see where this adventures goes!


Maureen said...

HI Helen

msgb245 at gmail dot com
Last week was good because I went to a wonderful convention (nearby) with a friend and we had a great time.

Rebekah said...

This is so fun! Snail mail is one of my favorite things.

Name: Rebekah
Email: RebekahBaggett92 (at) gmail. com

The best part of my week was going to story time at the bookstore with the little boy I babysit. It made me feel like a little kid again.