Sunday, August 25, 2013

How to make idiot-proof baked french fries

Matt and I have people over for a "rare beer night" about once a month. (He and some of his friends are craft beer nuts, and they all bring over their beers to share.)

Over the past few years, it's become a tradition to order Paxti's pizza. Their pizza is great! ... and usually not delivered on time. This time was no exception, and in a pinch, I decided to make some french fries to stave the party's drunken munchies.

Guys, it was So. Stinkin. Easy.

Step 1: Slice your potatoes into 1/4" sticks.
I used up the potatoes we had from last week's visit to Alemany Farm (a couple pounds' worth of fingerling-sized Kennebecs). I didn't even peel them -- super easy!

Step 2: Prep the potato sticks ("fries").
Following some recommendations I found online, I washed the slices in a colander until the water ran clear, then put them in a big bowl, then covered them with water and a layer of ice cubes, to sit in the fridge for a half hour (the minimum recommended wait time I found):

Step 3: Get the fries ready for the oven.
Preheat the oven to 450, then grab a baking sheet and cover it in aluminum foil. Take some Pam and spray generously allllll over the sheet. Grab your fries and lay them all out on the sheet so that they're all touching the bottom of the sheet (see picture), then spray 'em again with Pam and sprinkle them with some salt (you'll add more later):

Step 4: Leave in the oven 35-60 minutes.
This is the only tricky part. It depends on how thinly you cut the fries and how crunchy you like them. If you don't want to think about it, go for 45 minutes. You won't be sorry.

Step 5: Plate and eat!
Take them out of the oven, sprinkle them with more salt than you think is necessary, then scoop 'em up and serve 'em. If you wanna get a little fancy, consider serving the fries in a cone of some kind, a la Belgian fries. (I used a Chemex coffee filter and a coffee cup. Made for easy carrying, too!) We served it with some ketchup and home made aioli -- tres authentique!


Brittany said...

This is lovely, Helen. Congratulations!

Victoria Meyers said...

oh my gosh! these look wonderful! i LOVE french fries, but im allergic to corn and soy so that makes most commercial fries out of the question, and we dont have room for a deep fryer in our tiny apartment so i thought fries at home were gone for good. cant wait to try this!

Helen said...

Woo hoo! Glad I inspired you. Let me know how it goes!

Scott Stanley said...

You know there is no such thing as "idiot-proof", right?

Definitely going to try these, though, and hope I'm not the idiot-proof-proof idiot.

Kim's Kitchen Sink said...

Congratulations on five years!

Kathie Tanner said...

Wow.. that is soooo beautiful and romantic..