Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Bye bye blueberries! Some last berry projects before they leave the farmers' market

I made some blueberry jam this weekend (2 pints turned into 6 small jars) & didn't even think to take any pictures. Too bad, too, 'cause the color of the jam was awesome. Very Violet-you're-turning-violet-Violet!

I did have enough extra to make whole wheat blueberry pancakes, though. (We use King Arthur whole wheat flour at home. Deelish!) I've never eaten fresh blueberry pancakes before, much less made them, but these got the stamp of approval from my Mainer (husband and) breakfast partner.  We slathered them in maple syrup (only the real stuff in our house) and served with chicken sausage.

Oh yeah. We do this stuff right.

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