Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Continued juicing adventures

I like-a de juice.

Here are some pictures of me holding my precious juice. I'm not posting the jillion bottles of spicy lemonade I've been drinking, because 1) it looks boring and b) it seems to have given me a ridonk head cold.

I'm not going crazy and fasting. I'm just eating light vegetarian, vegetable-heavy meals to go with the juices, which I drink throughout the day. And look how GRRRRREAT I look (minus the clown tears)!

Seriously, these photos strike me as somewhere between here:

and here:

By the way, want to feel old? That Nutrigrain commercial's almost 10 years old. I quote it all the time, mostly by gritting my teeth and yelling "BABIES!" which I suppose sounds odd if you don't know the reference.

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