Friday, November 11, 2011

I'm gonna make some watermelon pickles!

Inspired by one of the characters in Parade, I decided to try making "watermelon pickles" -- apparently a Southern favorite. They are supposed to have a sweet-and-sour bread and butter pickle taste. I will know soon!

Making the pickles is a multi-day process. This evening I peeled and cut up two small melons. I ended up with 4 quarts of peeled rind (currently soaking in salt water, as shown on the left in the picture above) and a large Tupperware container of ready-to-eat watermelon triangles (my inner 5-year-old is bouncing up and down).

As I usually do, I looked around at various recipes before finally settling on the one I'm following. Traditional recipes suggest removing all signs of pink from the rind, but that doesn't work well with the seedless watermelons most stores carry these days. (Somehow the seedless-ness also causes thin rinds.)

I'm hoping to hand these out to the cast and crew of Parade, so I will probably can these in decorative 4 oz jars to yield ~30 jars.

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