Friday, November 18, 2011

Mini-pies: Potentially mankind's greatest invention

I decided to try making some ramekin pies last night. It was sooo ridiculously easy. Here's how to repeat:

- 1 cup and change of frozen fruit (your choice -- I used mixed berries)
- a pre-made pie crust (one crust can make 2 ramekin pies)
- 2 ramekins (I used a pair of these from C&B)
- enough sugar and flour to coat the fruit (about 1/3 cup each)

Cooking instructions
1. Preset your oven to 375 F.
2. Roll out one pre-made pie crust. Turn a ramekin upside down and use it to cut out 4 circles -- they will become your pie crus bottoms and tops. (Genius!) Put one circle on the bottom of each ramekin, and put the other two aside. Squish up the remaining pie crust until it is pliable, then mold it like Play-Doh onto the sides of the ramekins.

3. Combine the fruit, sugar and flour in a small bowl. Toss the fruit in the sugar/flour mixture until it is completely covered. (The flour is there to help make the filling more cohesive. The juicier the fruit you choose, the more flour you should use.)
4. Spoon the fruit into your pie encrusted ramekins. In this photo, I had a bit too much filling -- for best results, your filling should be flush with the edges of your pie crust.

5. Now go find the pie crust toppers you put aside, and add them to the top of your creation. Make sure to cut a slit or some kind of hole in the top, so your pie can breathe. Push down the sides of the toppers against the side crust so that the crust all fuses together. As you can see, I tried to fancy mine up -- I think the lattice came out ok, but the other one looks like some sort of unidentified male and/or female reproductive organ. (A delicious one, though.)

6. If you want to get all crazy, brush a little milk onto the top of the pies. Pop these suckers into your pre-heated oven and cook for 30-40 minutes.

I didn't even get any pictures of the cooked pies 'cause they got eaten right quick. One pie + two spoons = perfect shared dessert. Or eat the whole frickin' thing yourself, dude!