Friday, July 6, 2007

Freiburg, Zurich, Vienna

I'm about 2 weeks past deadline, but I visited these cities, too! Some quick highlights:

  • met up with a college buddy of mine who was studying at the Goethe Institut
  • traveled to nearby Breisach, a German city on the Rhine River, and crossed the river into the Alsace-Lorraine region of France
  • hiked into the Schwarzwald around Freiburg and climbed a lookout tower for an amazing bird's eye view of the city

  • joined a bus tour of the city and around "Heidi Land" (eastern Switzerland, where the book Heidi was set)
  • got my passport stamped in Liechtenstein
  • spent 5 hours in a train compartment talking with a grandmotherly German woman in german (I did more listening than talking, and it still made my brain hurt -- but it was successful!)

Vienna/Schloss Wasserburg
  • toured the beautiful and enormous Wiener Staatsoper (SRO tickets for the last show of the season were ~$75 for Werther, so I didn't jump for 'em)
  • stayed in an honest-to-God castle for a week, being fed and waited on by a maid and cook, lounging around the pool and various sitting rooms, catching up on reading (after 3 weeks of travelling around, living out of a backpack, this felt really good)
  • attended the St. Polten city festival, complete with bratwurst (mmm) and brass bands marching through the streets
All in all, a wonderful experience!

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